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Heather McClellan

An American-trained illustrator and fine artist who fell in love with Vietnamese lacquer (sơn mài) techniques…an exciting fusion of style where West meets East. Heather’s unique execution leaves viewers anxious for more.

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Heather's Journey


Heather has a BFA from the Cleveland Institute of Art, and her artistic roots and early learnings were in the Greater Cleveland area. She has lived in several countries since then, including the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, and finally Vietnam, where she currently resides. 

Joining her on this journey, Heather’s husband and four children are a strength and inspiration to her every day.


Heather is a lover of all things bright and colorful, and has a particular interest in the female form. Her diverse experiences have greatly shaped and influenced her art.

In her early years, she used more traditional materials such as pencil, pen and ink or pastel, and paint. But more recently she has adopted Vietnamese lacquer painting techniques.


Her art is comprised of texture and vibrant earthy colors, owed in part to the use of alternative materials such as rusted metal shavings, eggshell, and gold leaf.

Heather finds these materials unpredictable and inspiring to work with. They force her to work outside of her comfort zone, which is where she finds her passion for art and its creative avenues.

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Heather enjoys working with customers, partners, and clients in a variety of ways—from sale of individual pieces and IP rights to custom commissions, large-scale installations or mural projects—she has done it all.

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